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“Learn How to Become a Successful Trader Using a Simple Approach that Produces Consistent Results in Any Market and Time Frame”

Are you a beginning or seasoned trader who is searching for trading system that is guaranteed to make you profits beyond your wildest dreams with zero risk in less than 30 days?

Well then please STOP READING and move on to another website because you’ll NEVER hear us making this promise. Wild claims that guarantee profits with no risk are ridiculous and we don’t endorse it.

WHAT YOU WILL FIND HERE is a simple trading method that is realistic and can produce above average results if you apply yourself. The truth is…

“…You Don’t Have to Be a Rocket Scientist to Be a Successful Day Trader. In Fact, Anyone Can Be a Successful Trader. All You Need Is…”

. ..three things. 1. A methodology that works, 2. the right attitude and mindset, and 3. a coach and mentor to get you started and help you on your way to success. Unfortunately, most trading courses either rely on faulty software or misguided trading methods, they don’t address the mental aspect of trading, and they don’t offer ongoing coaching and mentoring program. Oh yeah…and they promise you’ll become a millionaire overnight.

RS of Houston takes a totally different approach to trading. What sets the RS of Houston trading approach apart from other trading courses is that…

1. It gives you sensible and realistic expectations, without all the prevailing hype.

2. It teaches a you proven, winning methodology that is simple to learn and use.

3. It helps you develop the right attitude and mindset that a successful trader needs.

4. It provides you with the coaching and mentoring that every trader needs, and

5. It provides you with a unique lifetime support program that almost guarantees your success.

You’ll also also have the option of attending our live trading workshops that go into more detail on our methodology. In our live workshops we actually, pull out our laptop, plug in our data feed, and trade the markets LIVE with REAL MONEY for two full days using the RS of Houston methodology.

This is just one of the reasons that…

“…the RS of Houston Breakthrough Day Trading Course Has Been Rated the Top Futures Day Trading Course in the Industry By Traders Worldwide.”
In 2001, the Stocks and Commodities Magazine presented their Readers Choice Awards to RS of Houston for having the Top Futures Day Trading Course in the trading industry. It’s probably because we have hundreds of happy students who have invested in the Breakthrough Day Trading Course and are extremely satisfied with their results.
If you’d like to get a feel of our methodology with minimal investment we recommend investing in the Trading Toolkit, which gives you several helpful trading tools including a pattern that you can immediately begin trading. However, the Trading Toolkit only includes a very small part of our entire methodology and does not include membership in our Continuing Education and Coaching program.
Take a moment to listen to a few of our students tell you their story in their own words. The ultimate proof in whether a trading course is worth its salt is if it produces happy students who continue to use the methodology in their trading efforts.
Please don’t take our word for it. Click on the link below and read what a few of our students have to say about the RS of Houston Breakthrough Day Trading Course.